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Beauty is a form of genius

I’m in my twentie’s. & i am the kind of person who
thinks, design always have something better to share.
Always can transform and make a succesfull material design.
Like everything about photographs. Any photo it’s full of memories
so any picture is a tresure.
Love Typography. All the letters have past,
present and future, always they’re gonna exist more kind of typefaces & fonts.
Make the perfect typeface it’s like find THE LOST LINK in typography and that also
makes you a super genius !!!.
Insane for music. It’s the best lenguage, it’s my drug, i think
it’s the best thing we do after love.
Totally found of good webblogs of any kind of disigner.
I am an admaerer of REAL BEAUTY!!!, beauty is inside & out, it’s the totality of beauty, something you feel inside and project outside.


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